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Henson AL13 Safety Razor


For the safest and most comfortable shave possible. The perfect razor for most men, and ideal also for areas other than face, making it the logical choice for women and athletes. Put an end to shaving irritation and cuts, while also making your skin feel comfortable and smooth. Henson created this to give you a whole new shaving experience unlike any other. Your skin will feel amazing after using this razor.


*PRICE DROP*  – With the launch of the aesthetically improved new design, the original Henson design is now on a clearance promotion – Limited stock available!

Why Henson?


In short:  The Henson AL13 will provide you with the best and most comfortable shave possible!  A ‘barber quality shave at home’ if you like…  Gone are the days of razor burn and shaving irritation.  Drastically reduce the chances of shaving nicks and cuts!  And, it gets even better…  It is also very light on your pocket, saving you in the long run.  Thousands of positive reviews are testimony to this.  

So, how exactly does Henson achieve all of this?


The Design:  Essentially, they combined all the best features of a safety razor and a straight razor, and packaged it into a safety razor design (meaning a 2-piece head and a handle).  The end result, is offering the same quality of shave as a straight razor, but in a design that is safer to use than even modern multi blade razors.


Blade Position:  This is one of the key features of the Henson AL13.  The quality of a shave is, after all, determined by how the blade is presented onto the skin.  The optimal 30º angle and small blade exposure (but a generous blade gap), results in the blade gliding over the skin, cutting the hair at exactly skin level.  No more razor burn or skin irritation caused by blade flex.  Just an effortlessly smooth shave.  The small blade exposure make for an extremely safe shave, drastically reducing shaving nicks and cuts.  This makes the Henson AL13 ideal for also shaving legs, underarms and other sensitive areas.


Precision Manufacturing:   None of the above matters, if there isn’t consistency.  The Henson AL13 gets manufactured in a state of the art aerospace manufacturing facility, to ensure the lowest possible tolerances.  This ensures that, the blade is presented exactly the same with every shave.  So serious is Henson about precision and maintaining the lowest possible tolerances that they partnered with RK blades, to make a proprietary blade specifically for the Henson AL13.  Please note, the Henson AL13 can use any standard DE blades, but will perform best with the proprietary RK blades.


The clogging factor:  A particularly big problem with multi blade razors, is the blades getting clogged up with hair.  That impacts the performance of the blades, even rendering them ineffective.  Then Henson AL13 have cleverly designed exit channels, so all it takes is a quick swish in water or a rinse under the tap to expel shaving cream and hair and carrying on having the perfect shave.  No more banging your razor to try clean it, or throwing away expensive cartridges because it is simply impossible to clean them!


An Investment:  In fact, owning a Henson razor, is a double investment!  Firstly, an investment in your personal comfort and looking your best with less effort!  AND, when switching from multi blade razors, a massive monthly saving (as much as 90%) on razor blades.  


Aesthetically appealing:   Offered in 8 attractive colours, because you deserve choice!  Sleek lines and a modern design, make it so much more than just another razor.  You can say that, the Henson AL13, is in fact, a piece of functional art, or perhaps engineered perfection…


Environmentally friendly:  Say no to plastic!  An all Aluminum design (and a small piece of clever Tungsten insert) ensures a lifetime of use.  Stainless steel blades are fully recyclable, so you can do your part to help minimize the use of unrecyclable materials (multi blade cartridges cannot be recycled, as the cost to separate the different materials, are higher than the material worth).   


A true Unisex product:  Man or woman, experienced shaver or a first timer, it doesn’t matter, the Henson AL13 will change the way you shave and make it easier and more efficient!


RK Blades:  These high quality stainless steel blades were developed specifically for the Henson AL13 to match their precision and extremely low tolerances.  The result is an even better and more comfortable shave, further eliminating the risk of shaving nicks and cuts, to make the Henson AL13 as close to fail safe as possible.




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